13 great ideas to make your class fun

We all want our kids to learn, and we can help them do that by making our classes fun. Here are 13 ways you can add some fun and joyment to your classroom.

1. Set students a task which brings lots of skills together.

With a big project, you can connect your subject to the students’ other subjects, their home lives and even their worlds. Look at this charity project for inspiration.

2. Run a forest school.

Meet your learning objectives while also helping kids develop their team working, social and physical skills by asking the kids to work on a group task in a forest or outside setting.

3. Bring in a makey-makey.

Have the kids work together on a fruit piano, learning about circuits and electricity through inquiry.

4. Use a green screen for video projects.

The kids make a cooking video, news report, explainer, anything. You give them a professional scene with a green screen.

5. Create a project on blabberize.

Students love seeing how they can control pictures with their voices with these speaking projects.

6. Have students post their work to Crowd.

Crowd is a collaborative platform which encourages students to write, share their ideas, and give feedback to others. Students love to work with others online to improve their work.

7. Give students instructions in alien code.

8. Turn your reading comprehension into a game.

9. Gamify your entire semester with a video-based storyline.

For our class, the school was taken over by aliens and Agent 3 gave students a task each week to take back part of the school by showing off our intellect. The winning team got to make a mini action video to show the others how great they were.

10. Create funny videos of the students as their holiday gift.

Jibjab is a great tool you can use to create funny videos of students dancing. Just upload a picture of each kid and play the video of them in class. It’s not a free service, but the kids react with delight to see their characters on screen.

11. Have students make their own movies.

Students write the scripts, design the plots and settings and go for it.

12. Adapt a popular game to help students learn.

Take a game of twister, stick some target vocabulary on the circles and have students define words while they twist. Easy.

13. Play the the money game.

Take, swap and lose money in this great ppt-based money game available in the Tigerlearn store

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