6 tips for keeping Tigerlearn Crowd a safe space for you and everyone else

Tigerlearn Crowd is a platform for sharing your writing and homework, so we don’t expect any safety issues, but you should always follow best practices online, whichever website you are on. Follow these tips to make Tigerlearn Crowd a safe, fun place to be.

1. Never share personal information online.

Don’t share your phone number, email address or location online. Strangers don’t need to know this stuff.

2.Never agree to meet someone you only know online.

You don’t know who they are, despite how nice they may sound. Don’t meet them.

3.If someone says something you don’t like, tell your teacher or report the user to Tigerlearn.

The experience should be fun and enjoyable, we don’t have time for bullies or people using the site badly.

4.Don’t put photos of yourself online which you don’t want others to see or have.

Once it’s online it’s there forever, and anyone can save it and do what they like with it.

5.Keep your password safe.

Don’t tell anyone your password, and make sure it is good. You don’t know what people will do with it if they have it.

6.Be nice.

In the same way as you expect others to be nice, you need to be nice too. This keeps the conversation friendly and respectful, so nobody needs to be banned.

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