Searching TES, TPT and Tigerlearn at once

For my teaching resources, I regularly search TES and TPT if I don’t have time to create something myself or haven’t already created it for Tigerlearn. It can be a pain searching both sites separately, so I’ve created this custom search from Google to search TPT, TES and Tigerlearn simultaneously. Feel free to use it. … Read more

Mystery at the Museum – Tigerlearn Originals – Kids

Four curious children discover artefacts disappearing at the museum during a school trip. With determination and grit, the foursome race against time to discover the culprits and ensure the artefacts are returned, all the while hiding their actions from their parents and staring danger in the face. Will they be brave enough to face the challenge?

Science – saving the insects

In the news recently, there has been a lot of worry about how quickly insects are dying out and how devastating this could be for our environment. I set the students in grade 5 a challenge to try to find a small way to save the world. They undertook research to find out why the … Read more

13 great ideas to make your classes more fun

1. Set students a task which brings lots of skills together. With a big project, you can connect your subject to the students’ other subjects, their home lives and even their worlds. Look at this charity project for inspiration. 2. Run a forest school. Meet your learning objectives while also helping kids develop their team … Read more

Forest school – building a shelter

Our grade 6 social studies classes are based around the book ‘Story of the World’, which is a fantastic book which talks about the beginnings of human civilisation in story form, and also contains a whole host of activities to do with your students. We were reading about the nomads. In ELA (ESL), our main … Read more

PBL – Bringing charity into the ESL classroom

The students in grade 5 were given a project – they had to give back. We spoke about problems around the world and what sort of things children could do to make the world a better place. They worked as a team (the whole class was just 4 kids, so it was easy to have … Read more