Professional Development

A selection of professional development courses for teachers to follow in their own time online, from quality course providers all over the internet. Come back often to see new courses as they are added.

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MicroMasters –  Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement

An industry recognised qualification with Masters-level credit from the University of Washington designed to ‘develop learners’ knowledge of educational innovation, research, and practice to enable them to improve the education and lives of children in their own schools and beyond.’ The course is made up of five smaller programmes.


Leading Ambitious Teaching and Learning

‘Learn why ambitious teaching and learning may be the key to global educational improvement and how to put it into practice.’

Designing and Leading Learning Systems

‘Learn leading strategies for educational innovation to improve practice, raise student performance, and reduce achievement gaps.’

Improvement Science in Education

‘Learn how to apply principles and practices of improvement science to improve educational practice, raise student performance, and reduce achievement gaps.’

Case Studies in Continuous Educational Improvement

‘Learn about leading approaches to continuous educational improvement through case studies of educational innovation.’

Leading Innovation and Improvement Capstone

‘Apply your knowledge and demonstrate mastery, personal growth, and competency along dimensions central to leading educational innovation and improvement.’


Leaders of Learning

‘Explore and understand your own theories of learning and leadership. Gain the tools to imagine and build the future of learning.’


Managing Behaviour for Learning

‘Maintain discipline and transform your classroom with this CPD for teachers to improve student behaviour and support learning’

The Science of Learning

‘Discover the scientific research about learning and apply it in your classroom to help you teach STEM subjects.’

Teaching Computing

‘Enhance your practice and subject knowledge as a primary or secondary school teacher of Computing.’


Professional Development for Early Years Teachers

‘Find out how to develop and improve your teaching abilities as you start your career as a teacher.’


World Class Maths : Asian Teaching Practice

‘Learn how to create lessons plans based on Asian maths teaching methods, and develop your maths teaching practice.’


Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

‘Discover ways to make education more inclusive, especially in areas where resources are limited.’


Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

‘Understand key programming concepts and apply them using Scratch, with this introductory course for primary or K-5 teachers.’

uni of southampton

Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching

‘An introduction to some key concepts in the effective teaching and learning of languages.’


Teaching Phonics in Early Childhood

‘Learn what phonics is and how to teach it in the early years.’

cambridge assessment english

Teaching your subject in English

‘Build your confidence to use English effectively to teach subjects such as Maths, Science or History with this online course.’