Author’s Scaffold – Plan your story, book, novel or script the easy way

This scaffold for Authors is a great tool for writers to plan out their scripts, screenplays, novels or any other stories with ease.

Have you ever thought about writing a novel for your students, your own children, or just for fun? Or are you running a writer’s club for older students? This tool will help you or your students plan out every detail of any story so that writing becomes a breeze. By filling in the details as and when the ideas come to you, you’ll have all the notes you need to begin your writing.

Assessment Tracker

A powerful tool to track and calculate all assessments against weighted criteria. Simply decide on your modes of assessment and the weighting you want to apply to each mode for the final score. Add student names and input student assessments and maximum scores. The tool will immediately calculate percentages and recalculate against your weightings to … Read more Assessment Tracker

Maths Worksheet Generator – Generate infinite maths worksheets

This is an advanced worksheet generator designed to immediately generate an infinite number of printable maths worksheets with answer sheets. The tool can create worksheets, work books or exam papers instantly to check student ability in arithmetic – Division (short &long), multiplication (short&long), addition and subtraction (single of multiple digits).     These are simple … Read more Maths Worksheet Generator – Generate infinite maths worksheets