Reading the time workbook

This No-Prep workbook for telling the time has everything you need to teach reading and writing the time to students with 10 pages of activities and infographics.

-1 – Infographic explaining the hands and how to read the time with “O’clock”, “quarter past”, “quarter to”, and “half past”.

2 – Activity sheet. Look at the clocks and write the time using “O’clock”, “quarter past”, “quarter to”, and “half past”.

3. Infographic – How to read the minute hand.

4. Activity – Read the minute hand and write what it says.

5.Activity – Read the clock and write the times.

6. Activity – Read the clock and match the correct times to the clocks.

7. Activity – Match the digital times to the analogue clocks.

8. Activity – Read the time sentence and draw the hands.

9. Activity – Read the digital time and draw the hands.

10. Activity – Read the digital times (24 Hours) and draw the hands.

The pages are in full colour but can be printed in greyscale. All areas for students to write on are left white.