Edtech – Using a Green Screen in the classroom

This year, I installed a Green Screen into my classroom for the children to use. It was simple to make – 3 strips of green fabric for the walls and a bit of green paper for the floor.

Just like in the movies, a green screen is a great way to put your students anywhere in the universe when they are doing projects. We used it to create cooking projects, news reports, advertisements, plays, movies and more over the course of the year, each time placing students in the relevant settings with VSDC video editor.

The children loved it, as did the parents and the school. The children always love seeing themselves on the TV screen, and the green screen locations made the whole experience more exciting, which in turn led to increased motivation. It also gave students a glimpse into the world of movie making – they could see how simple it was for the setting to be changed in the classroom, and therefore how it could be done in the movies they watched at home.

To be clear, a green screen doesn’t add much in the way of learning. If you’re looking at tech as being something which should only be used if it helps you do something in the classroom you couldn’t do without it, the green screen is not the way to go. Students could still make movies using a simple camera and they could still do performances in the classroom with no decoration at all, but it still adds a touch of professionalism and fun to the whole thing. It also encouraged them to explore movie making and editing, with some students even setting up their own green screens at home, which is pretty good feedback in itself.

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