Resource roundup – some of the ELA selection

Resources are being migrated from their original homes to the new store here at Tigerlearn, so let’s take a quick look at some of the resources available.

The tigerlearn ESL pack is a 60 page pack for ESL/EAL teachers, packed full of resources for use with students who don’t speak English as a first language. Games and activities are built in to the pack and are designed with communication in mind.

The 3-pack of English speaking competitions is also a useful tool for you if you are an EAL teacher. It gives students an opportunity to use their English in a competition format by creating language on the spot. Students describe pictures, take part in role plays, and also give a little speech.

Don’t like competition but want our kids to speak? Try the Public Speaking mini-course, a simple PPT identifying good traits for public speakers, with a simple lesson plan which can be used again and again with students’ work. Essentially it encourages students to read some of their own stories with good eye contact, body language and tone of voice.

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