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Tigerlearn ESL resource pack

A 60 page pack of communicative activities for ESL/EAL/EFL teachers. Print off the relevant lesson and go. 




Automatic Lesson Plan Generator

Type up all your lesson plans for the week in under 5 minutes with this genius little tool for lesson plan generation.



Racism, discrimination, segregation and prejudice PPT

A 17-slide presentation to break down the language surrounding racism.



Introduction to interpreting and handling data – column bar graphs

A simple PPT lesson which will introduce interpreting and handling data, specifically with relation to column charts/ bar graphs.


Staff appraisal report generator tool

If you are a head of department, you assess a lot of teachers and you need to save some time providing your feedback.



Long multiplication and decimal multiplication step-by-step

A very clear, concise step by step presentation for long and decimal multiplication.

Algebra word problems step-by-step

A PPT which breaks down word problems to create simple algebraic equations before solving them.

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Alien message generator

Create messages for your students written in alien code and print them out instantly.



English speaking competitions – pack of 3

A set of three English speaking competitions designed to get learners speaking in English.

3 rounds in a knockout competition.

Line charts complete class

A line graphs class to teach interpreting and creation of line graphs. Resources for the whole line graphs lesson.

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The Money Game – editable SPAG game

A fantastic 40-question money game in which students compete to correct errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Public Speaking mini-course

A short course designed to get primary students confident in their public speaking, specifically in reading stories they have written in another class.

Student comment report tool

When you are assessing student work, whether it’s writing, group presentations, speeches or any other aspect of their school performance, there’s a good chance that you have some comments which apply to multiple students.

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Rosa Parks complete unit

A complete unit on Rosa Parks with 3 levels of differentiation built in.

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Maths worksheet generator – Master edition

Generate an infinite number of Maths arithmetic worksheets at the click of a button.


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