Teacher Tech Tips – Easily boost teacher and student success – Udemy

Teacher Tech Tips – Easily boost teacher and student success A course offered by Udemy to help you create your digital toolkit. ‘Discover 19 FREE digital apps to deliver content, assess, manage, & engage students. ‘ What Will I Learn? Create a sticky pad canvas for student responses Make a back channel for students’ thought … Read more

Edtech – Taking the Makey-makey into the classroom

The Makey-makey is a wonderful little EdTech tool which I have barely scratched the surface on in terms of capability, but it has so much potential in the classroom. Essentially, the makey makey is a little circuit board that you can rig up to take the role of your keyboard by completing a circuit, so … Read more

Video list for the ESL pack

Here’s a list of video links which work with the Tigerlearn ESL pack. It doesn’t cover all the topics within the pack, but it’ll get you started. Introductions Video 1.1 – Introductions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5qPS3balJg Countries and Nationalities Video 2.1 – Animaniacs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pOFKmk7ytU Video 2.2 – Where are you from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gHbPDdGCFs Numbers Video 3.1 – Counting with … Read more

Edtech – Using a Green Screen in the classroom

This year, I installed a Green Screen into my classroom for the children to use. It was simple to make – 3 strips of green fabric for the walls and a bit of green paper for the floor. Just like in the movies, a green screen is a great way to put your students anywhere … Read more

EdTech – Using Blabberize to get students speaking

I came across blabberize when I was researching projects to do as part of a Roald Dahl based summer camp. Blabberize is a website which allows users to record their voices and have the mouth of a picture move along with the words. The kids had been working on the theme of bullying during the … Read more