Tigerlearn Crowd – FAQs

What is Tigerlearn Crowd?

It’s a platform for students to share their writing and homework projects with other students, improving their work in the process.

Couldn’t students just share their work in the classroom?

They could, but technology can and should be used in the classroom to build a bridge between the students and the outside world, to give kids real audiences and let them collaborate in ways they couldn’t do without it. Tigerlearn Crowd does this by allowing a child in China, for example, to write a story or paragraph based on one of the prompts and get feedback from a child in America who reads the story and writes some ideas. The idea is that both students benefit from the sharing of work and ideas. 

Is it safe for the students?

There’s no place on the crowd for two people to talk privately, so any interactions between people are public for all site members and administrators to see. A word filter prevents inappropriate language use, and an easy reporting system allows for members to be banned if anything is not considered appropriate for the site. Plus, children should only really sharing their homework.

Is it free?

Totally free, yes.

How will you monetise the site? By selling our details?

Absolutely not. Information will never be shared with a third party and you can read the privacy policy for further details. The site has areas for teachers to buy resources, or to sign up for professional development, and there may at some point in the future be an option for teachers to advertise their own resources through paid-for classified ads, but not yet.

Why does it look like a social network?

It was built using a social network plugin, but that’s not its intended use. the ‘group’ area will essentially be topics and prompts for writing, and we expect that to be where most of the action happens.

How do I get started?

Sign up on Crowd and get your students to do the same. You can then go to the info page for ideas and info on getting started.


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