Video list for the ESL pack

Here’s a list of video links which work with the Tigerlearn ESL pack. It doesn’t cover all the topics within the pack, but it’ll get you started.


Video 1.1 – Introductions

Countries and Nationalities

Video 2.1 – Animaniacs

Video 2.2 – Where are you from?


Video 3.1 – Counting with a dog

Video 3.2 – The counting song

Classroom instructions

Video 4.1 – classroom instructions-TPR

Video 4.2 – Potatoes


Video 8.1 – Put on your clothes

Shapes and sizes

Actions – Present Continuous

Video 10.1 – Kate and John

Daily routines – present simple

Video 11.1 – Kate’s day


Video 12.1 -Mark Crilley 20 emotions

Video 12.2 -Emotions song with kids

And you can get the pack here.

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